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F2 Miss Silverwood/Miss Lumb

Welcome to Foundation 2

The staff working in the Foundation 2 unit are; Miss Silverwood and Miss Lumb (Class teachers),  Miss Fisher and Mrs White (LSA), Mrs Smart (LSA, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons) and Miss Bradder (Apprentice). The children have been placed into two register groups; Miss Silverwood's Superstars and Miss Lumb's Lucky learners. These register groups will be used for group work, reporting to parents at parents' evenings, end of year reports and completing children's learning journeys. Please take a look at which group your child is in. The information will be displayed on the Foundation 2 notice board in the cloakroom.


In Foundation 2, the children will take part in daily literacy, maths and phonics sessions. During the  phonics sessions, children will learn the sounds and names of letters in the alphabet. Then, the children will learn how to read and write simple words. We would appreciate any support you could give to your child regarding the learning of these letters.

Autumn 1

As the children settle into their new class, our topic to begin with this half term is 'All about me'. During this half term, we will be finding out lots of information about your child including their likes and dislikes, as this will help to inform our planning linked to the children's interest.

Our first topic in Foundation 2 will be based on the theme of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. During this topic, the children will find out information about how chocolate is made and also take part in Willy Wonka themed activities in the classroom. Our second topic will be based around the season of Autumn. The children will be finding out facts about Autumn and observing the changes to the environment around them. Our final topic of the half term will be based around Halloween. The children will be taking part in Halloween themed activities in the classroom and in the outdoor environment. Please keep visiting the page to see pictures of the activities children have been taking part in.

Look at the fun activities we have been taking part in during our first week at school!

Willy Wonka's suprise visit to Foundation 2.

Who stole the chocolate from the Foundation 2 classroom?

Foundation 2 children practising their Eurovision song today!

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Well done, we came second place out of all the classes in school. You should be very proud of yourself!

Autumn 2

To start off this half term, the whole schools topic is based on the Traditional Tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. During this topic, the children will have the opportunity to watch an M and M Production of the story Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. During group times in the F2 unit, the children will be encouraged to sequence and act out the story with their friends in the classroom as well as find out information about each of the dwarves from the story. During the second week of the topic, the Foundation 2 children will be helping Snow White to encourage the dwarves to make healthy food choices. During this week the children will be learning about healthy food choices and why being active and hygienic is important to keep healthy. During the third week of our Snow White topic the children will be planning Snow White's 16th birthday party. The children will have the opportunity to write party lists, birthday cards, party invitations and also to bake a cake for Snow White. Please see the pictures below. Our final topic of the term will be based on Christmas and the Christmas Story. The children will be learning the traditional story of Christmas and will also he taking part in fun Christmas activities to finish off the school term.

Snow White singing at her 16th birthday party.

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Spring 1

Our first topic to begin the term with will be 'Favourite Toys'. During this topic, children in Foundation 2 will have the opportunity to bring in one of their favourite toys from home to live at school for two weeks. During this two week topic, children will have the opportunity to take part in lots of fun activities with their toy, including writing about their toy, drawing pictures of their toy and also talking about their toy in small groups to their peers and teachers. Our following topic of the spring 1 term is PIRATES!! During this topic the children will take part in fun maths and writing activities related to pirates. Children will have chance to create their own treasure maps and take part in lots of other fun activities.  During the last two weeks of term, we will be finding out about Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day and discussing how and why we celebrate them. Please keep visiting the website to view pictures of our learning in Foundation 2.

Our favourite toys picnic in Foundation 2

Spring 2

Our first topic after the holidays will be based around birds of prey. During this topic, the children will be finding out about birds of prey and will have the opportunity to see some birds when 'Bird  Man' visits the children on Tuesday the 26th of February. The children will be able to ask questions about the birds and find out about them. During class, the children will be listening to stories about birds of prey, they will be involved in writing and creative activities as well as finding out facts about different birds of prey. Our next topic will be about superheroes. During this topic, children will be encouraged to take part in reading and writing challenges to develop their reading and writing skills. The children will also be encouraged to design their own superheroes and superhero masks to take on the roll of superheroes in the classroom and children will also be taking part in superhero addition and subtraction activities with the teachers. Our final topic of the term will be based around the celebration of Easter. During this time the children will be visited by Debs from the Eggucation team. Debs will be fetching some incubated eggs for the children to look after for two weeks. The children will  observe the chicks hatch out of their eggs and will find out lots of information about chicks and chickens. The children will also find out about the Easter traditions that people take part in during Easter time.

Our visit from the Bird Man

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The Bird Man fetched a Barn Owl called Sparky to see us. He also surprised us with a huge eagle called Alaska!

Alaska the eagle

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Summer 1

The first topic back after the Easter holidays will be a very fun and enjoyable topic for the children. The topic will be about 'The Circus'. The children will have the opportunity to take part in lots of fun circus activities such as; plate spinning, juggling, ribbon dancing and many more fun activities. The children will be finding out about the things they may see at a circus and will be encouraged to take part in lots of circus writing, maths and craft activities.


Class Targets for this half term;

  • Our class target is to look after the classroom environment and become independent learners.
  • At home we would like your child to practise;
  • Writing their first and surname.
  • Linking letter sounds to letters.
  • Writing simple words (cat, dog, man, hat) and then developing this to write simple captions. (A sad man, a big hat).
  • Forming letters and numbers correctly.
  • Recognising numbers 0-20.
  • Working out the answers to additions and subtractions using objects.


Take a look at the sounds we have been learning in phonics

Autumn 1

Week 3 - s, a and t.

Week 4 - p, i and n.

Week 5 - n, m and d.

Week 6 - g, o and c.

Week 7 - k, ck and e.

Week 8 - u, r, and b.

Autumn 2

Week 1 - 'f' and 'ff'.

Week 2 - 'h' 'l' and 'll'.

Week 3 - 'l' 'ss' and 'y'.

Week 4 - 'z' and'zz'.

Week 5 - 'v' 'w' and 'qu'.

Week 6 - 'x'.

Spring 1

Week 1 - Focus on reading and writing CVC words.

Week 2 - Focus on reading and writing CVC words.

Week 3 - 'ch'

Week 4 - 'sh'

Week 6 - th

Spring 2

Week 1 - 'ng'

Week 2 - 'ee'

Week 3 - 'oa' and 'igh'.

Week 4 - 'igh'.

Week 5 - 'oo'.

Week 6 - 'ai'.

Week 7 - 'ar'.

Summer 1

Week 1 - 'ur'.

Week 2 - 'ow'.



To help your child remember the sounds of letters, please click on the link below to listen to the songs we sing at school during our phonics sessions.




Parent Information

  • Baking and food tasting activities are an important part of children's learning. Therefore we would appreciate a weekly contribution of £1 towards the cost of these activities.


  • The children will be taking part in lots of fun outdoor learning, please make sure that your child brings a coat to school everyday so they can participate in outdoor activities.


  • Your child has been given a book bag labelled with their name. It is important that your child brings their book bag to school everyday.


  • It is important that your child is encouraged to read their reading books that are sent home by the teachers on a weekly basis.  Please listen to your child read and then leave a comment in their reading diary.


  • Please make sure that your child's jumpers, cardigans and coats are name labelled to make sure they can be returned if misplaced.


Important Dates 


  • Friday 12th April - Break up for Easter.
  • Monday 29th April - Children back to school.
  • Monday 6th May - Bank holiday (school closed).
  • Monday 24th May - Inset Day ( School closed).
  • Monday 3rd June - Children start back at school.