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Class 1 Mrs Seddon

Welcome to Class One!

The adults working in Class One are Mrs Seddon, Mrs Armitage, Miss Murray and Miss Wakenshaw. We work as a team so please come and speak to any one of us if you have any questions. On Monday mornings the children will be taught by Mrs Pratt.


Class One is your child's first year in Key Stage One and is a big change for your children; every morning we will do maths, phonics and literacy. Each afternoon will start with guided reading and then be followed by science, history, geography, ICT, RE, art, DT, PE or SEAL!




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Autumn Two

This half term our topic is 'Hall of Fame'.

Our topic work will be history based and we will be looking at significant people from the past. As this year marks 100 years since the end of World War One, we will be learning about brave, courageous and significant people from the War. We will have a large focus on Edith Cavell; a nurse who helped the soldiers.


We will be finding out the answers to questions such as:

What does significant mean?

How did WW1 change the role of women in society?

How has nursing changed over the years?



In science we are going to explore "Animals including Humans"- our learning will focus on:

Similarities and differences between humans and animals.

Learning about birds, fish, mammals, reptiles and amphibians- how are they similar? How are they different? We will explore the common structures of these animals and find out how we can identity which group an animal belongs to.

We will also learn about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores; with a scientific investigation on "animal poo"!



In RE we will be focusing on Christianity; The Christmas Story.  


In PE we will be learning about rolls and balances.


During Art lessons we will be continuing our topic on "Hall of Fame" and we will be learning about the life of a famous artist, before creating our own artwork in the artists style.


In ICT we will be using computer programmes to create art work.


New homework will be sent home on a Friday (1 maths, 1 comprehension). Please return homework books to school by the following Wednesday to allow us time to mark books and stick in new homework. Please encourage your child to put their homework book in the yellow box.


Will be starting this Half Term, a letter will be sent home to explain the spellings.

We will check spellings every Friday in a "spelling quiz".

If you need any support with helping your child to learn their spellings, please ask :)



Our PE days are Monday and Wednesday. Please ensure you child has both named indoor (black shorts, white t-shirt) and outdoor (black jogging bottoms and sweatshirt/hoody) PE kit in school on these days. Please also remove earrings and tie long hair back.

Please be aware that during Christmas term, some PE lessons are missed due to nativity rehearsals.


Reading...is the key!

Please continue to listen to your child read at home and record in their reading diary each time. We will listen to your child read on a 1:1 basis once a week in school and will change their books when we do so. If you'd like to change them inbetween, you can do so in the Key stage one library.

Your child also reads with an adult during guided reading once a week.


Every time your child reads at home they can move their photo around the "bookopoly board" they more they move, the more prizes they earn!




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