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The Summer Lane Curriculum.

Our curriculum is built on our mission statement where children should experience a balanced curriculum, which encourages them to be resilient well-rounded individuals who are also enthusiastic, curious independent learners. Our curriculum is inclusive, so that every child can achieve their potential; reflects the children’s interest and their world; to make learning meaningful and purposeful; is interactive & fun; and develops children’s creativity and collaboration.

We try to include as many first hand experiences as possible. This ranges from visits, residentials to inviting visitors into school. This may include visits to Experience Barnsley, the Cooper Art Gallery, to place further afield like The Deep or Butterfly World. Residentials include Winmarleigh & Peak Ventura. Visitors in school have ranged from Theatre companies performing shows like The Hobbit, Tom’s Midnight Garden & Cinderella; A North Pole explorer; Elsa (Frozen) & Peppa Pig have visited our younger children, Girl-gineers and Ad Astra are also friends of the school.

We also use the stimulus of artefacts, texts (Reading is the Key!!), activities and the arts to bring topics and lessons alive. This can range from discovering dinosaur eggs in the classroom; Roman artefacts; Castles in the classroom to Crime Scenes.

We love to make the outdoor environment an integral part of provision, with our outdoor classroom and wonderful outdoor area in EYFS.

Summer Lane loves to be involved in the community. Local friends include Honeywell Sports College; St Paul’s Church; Emmanuelle Church; Orchard Care home; the British Legion and Barnsley Hospital. Our Y6 take part in the Archbishop of York’s Young Leaders project to help in the community every year.

We underpin all this by promoting health and safety, including e-safety, in all areas of the curriculum. All our children know our number one rule; “You keep yourself SAFE!!”


If you would like to find out more about the curriculum we teach at school, please speak to a member of staff at school. 

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The Early Years Foundation Stage supports all children in nursery and reception class.

There are 7 areas which all have equal importance.

3 prime areas and 4 specific areas.

The school aims to provide every child the chance to achieve a Good Level of Development by the time they leave the key stage.

Observations support the teaching of children across the key stage. The teaching and modelling enables the child to learn. Once successful a record of this achievement may be recorded on our online web page www.primaryessence.co.uk/summerlaneprimary. Parents can log in and see these observations. Log ins are available from Mr Morgan in school.