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September 2020 Welcome Video

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Welcome to Foundation 2

The staff working in Foundation 2 are; Miss Silverwood and Miss Lumb (Class teachers), Miss Fisher (LSA), Mrs White (LSA), Mrs Tyas (LSA, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons) and Miss Soame, (student teacher). The children have been placed into two register groups; Miss Silverwood’s Super Stars and Miss Lumb’s Lucky learners. These register groups will be used for group work and when we have to report to parents during parents’ evenings, end of year reports and completing the children’s learning journeys. Please take a look at which group your child is in. This information is displayed on the Foundation 2 notice board in the cloakroom.  We do phonics, literacy and numeracy everyday as well as lots of other activities that help to support learning both indoors and outside in our Foundation 2 outdoor area. 

Everyday is a fun day in Foundation 2! laugh


Autumn 1

As the children settle into their new class, our topic to begin with this half term is 'All about me'. During this half term we will be finding out lots of information about your child including their likes and dislikes as this will help to inform our planning linked to the children's interest. 


In Foundation 2, the children will take part in daily phonics sessions to help learn sounds and names of letters in the alphabet. Then, the children will learn how to read and write simple words. We would appreciate any support you could give your child regarding the learning of these letters. We will also send regular phonics activities for your child to practise at home. 


Our targets this half term:


  • Our class target this half term is to look after the classroom environment and become independent learners. At home we would like your child to;
  • Practise writing their first name and surname. 
  • Begin to form numbers and letters correctly. 
  • Say number names in order and recognise numbers in and around the local environment. 

Our Phonics Learning


Miss Lumb's Phonics Group

This half term we have been learning some new sounds in phonics. The sounds we have been learning this half term are; 


Week 1 - s, a and t. 

Week 2 -i, n and m. 

Children will be practising to read words with the above sounds. 




Miss Silverwood's Phonics Group

This half term we have been learning some new sounds in phonics. The sounds we have been learning this half term are; 


Week 1 -  s, a, t, p, i and n. 

Week 2 - m, d, g, o, c and k. 

Children have been practising reading simple words with the above sounds. 



Important notes:


  • Bring your book bag every day!
  • Please remember to bring a coat to school as we do lots of our learning outside.
  • Please bring a water bottle and a healthy snack for your child to have throughout the day. (Please make sure that your child's water bottle has their name written on it). 
  • Book club is on a Wednesday on an alternate basis (every two weeks). If you would like your child to go to book club, please send them with £1 (or more) on a Wednesday.
  • Doors open at 8.45am and children are to be in class no later than 8.50am. We will open the doors at 3.10pm at the end of the day.

Dates to remember:

  •  31st of August - Bank Holiday Monday 
  •  1st of September - Inset Day
  • 2nd of September - F2 part time starters (Morning 8:45am- 11:30am) (Afternoon 12:30pm - 3:15pm)
  • 7th of September - All F2 children to start school full time.
  • 21st of September - Photograph Day.
  • 23rd of October - Break up for half term. 
  • 2nd of November - Inset Day.
  • 3rd of November - School re-opens for children.