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Kingswood 2016. Update 3


Another good night. The boys & girls enjoyed a disco last night. This morning is Zip-wire and problem solving-which is a nice and messy activity!! We are expecting them back about 1.50pm-2.00pm. You may collect siblings when you pick them up if you wish.


28/1/16 Morning report.

All is good at Kingswood. A few of the boys & girls missed their mums and dads when it came to settling down last night, but everything was fine by 9pm. They have just had breakfast & are now really excited for the day ahead. It all sounds really positive and sounds like they are having a great day!



Mr Swallow has been in touch with school & let us know that our Y5s have had a lovely first few hours at Kingswood. They have had a nice walk around Scout Dyke Reservoir; got them selves settled into their rooms; made their beds and are about to tuck into their first meal.