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Winmarleigh Update 6

13/2/15 8am

Just having their final breakfast. Miss Loftus & Mr Swallow say they have been absolutely amazing! They will call school when they are half an hour away, we will then send a text to all parents. We are expecting them back between 11am-11.30am.


12/2/15 8pm

Our boys and girls have had a great day and are currently enjoying a last night disco. They have had a super time,are very tired and can't wait to see you tomorrow. 

11/2/15 8am

Second night and majority of children asleep before lights out. All children behaving brilliantly- no trouble whatsoever. All up and ready for breakfast this morning, although some very tired children (&staff). 

Quad biking, survival skills, sensory trail & trapeze for children today.


10/2/15 12pm

Mr Swallow has just phoned. He says the children have had a brilliant morning & they are all happily taking part in all the activities, even the challenging ones. As the groups are quite small, they are all getting numerous goes at each activity.

The weather is great up there & they are just having a bit of a break now before lunch.


10/2/15 9am

All asleep by 11pm last night. They have just had their breakfast (most having second & third helpings). Today’s activities are archery, zipwire, climbing & a challenge course. All is going great & they are behaving well!


9/2/15 1pm

They have arrived safely. They have just had lunch & are now sorting out their bedding. Our boys & girls will be given a tour of the site about half one, then on to their first activity at 2pm.