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Welcome you to our nursery page.

September and October

We welcomed back the 2 to 3 year olds who are now our 3 to 4 year olds.

We welcomed new families all with children who have 3 to 4 year olds. This included parents welcome meeting, nursery visits, home visits and staggered starts.

After a successful pilot last year accommodating nursery children all day, in September we have our first 7 children who attend either 28 hours or 31 hours. This leaves 1 place to be allocated in November for January.

Throughout the first term staff used observations for the 3 to 4 year old baseline. In November we aim to support parents gaining access to the information on the schools Primary Essence web site.

The children have explored seasonal themes and we have visited Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

The half term finished with Halloween.

Our usual Nursery Online Questionnaire will be ready for after half term to ask you about your experience while your child settled at school. 


November and December

We started with the schools art week using the story of Cinderella. The children have tried on lots of shoes. Were looking for the missing one!

With a quick fly to the moon with our story What Ever Next. Eating a picnic on the moon was enjoyable. 

The new families meet  at the end of November and are looking forward to January. They visit on the Tuesday, home visit on the Wednesday and then start from the Thursday.

Mrs Creeton our newly appointed member of staff joined the team. Mrs Creeton is working with morning nursery.

We are looking forward to a Christmas Treat at the Fairway next week, a sing a long, Father Christmas visiting and a Christmas Party.

We break up on the 20th December 2017 as the Foundation Staff are updating First Aid Training for 2 days. The rest of school remains open on Thursday 21st December and closes so that other key stages can do a one day first aid update.


January February

We welcomed a new intake in January which filled the few places. The new starters were quick to learn from the September starters. The half term was short and we explored winter as a theme. 


February March

The staff are very proud of both sessions. We have children who enjoy sharing nursery with each other. They adjust well to the routines. They are showing signs that they can participate in small groups. Listening first and recall later on. We had a term exploring animals. An increasing number are no longer using a palmer grasp. Many are creating recognisable letters when mark making. The changes to the reading area is encouraging more children to enjoy a book during the session. Awareness of numbers is happening in group time and in continuous provision. The children enjoy helping staff keeping themselves safe when they tour the environment. The children would like to remind parents to please close the gate after leaving.

After 36 years Mrs Scholes retired and we wished her well. Those who had Mrs Scholes now have a key person either Mrs Harper or Mr Morgan. 


April May

The staff enjoyed a twilight prior to the holiday. We explored observations and a discussion on how we can make changes to enhance learning. Families will get to see the changes this term. The self registration has moved into nursery to encourage wider participation and reduce the impact of an overcrowded cloakroom. Reading led by the children is now part of the process when arriving. Continuity is coming with a change in the staff rotation. What happens outdoors on a Monday has an opportunity to develop with the same member of staff.