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Meet the Governors

The Chair of Governors is Peter Collins.


We have two sub committees, Personal & Curriculum (P&C) & Finance & Building (F&B). There is a Full Governors meeting each term. The P&C & F&B meet half termly.


The Chair of the F&B is Jo Southam, and the Chair of the P&C is John Armin.


The Governors in charge of Safeguarding are Adele Waddington & Jo Southam.


The Governors in charge of SEND is John Armin.


Other Governors are, Sally Hibbert, Sarah Winter, Stephen Morgan, Steve Moss, & Sheli Haxby


Personal & Curriculum

John Armin, Peter Collins, Rob Smith, Adele Waddington, Stephen Morgan, Sally Hibbert & Sheli Haxby.


Finance & Business

Jo Southam, Peter Collins, Rob Smith, Steve Moss & Sarah Winter


If you are interested in becoming a governor, please see either Mr Smith or Mrs Youell & we will arrange a meeting with one of the governors so you can find out more about the role.

Peter Collins Chairperson
John Armin- Chair P&C
Jo Southam- Chair F&B
Adele Waddington (P&C)
Sally Hibbert (P&C)
Steve Moss (F&B)
Sarah Winter (F&B)
Stephen Morgan (P&C)
Rob Smith Headteacher
The minutes of meetings may be requested by parents and are to be available within five working days. A small charge for photocopying/admin may be applicable.

Governor Attendance