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Class 4- Miss Cook

Welcome to Class 4!

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Miss Cook is supported by Mrs Rich and Mr Murray (Tuesday-Thursday). We work as a team so feel free to speak to any of us.


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This half term our topic is 'Day and Night'. Our focus for this topic is learning about the weather and how day length varies and we will also be learning about nocturnal and diurnal animals.  




In PSHCE, we had a great discussion around our topic of 'It's Good To Be Me!'. We read a story about 'Ronald the Rhino' who wants to be like all the other animals in the jungle (fast like cheetah,  slithery like snake). But, when he tries to behave like the other animals, he feels down in the dumps as he just can't be fast, or slithery. However, with the help of the other animals, Ronald learns that there is no better animal to be than himself!


We really enjoyed reading and talking about Ronald the Rhino and it led to us thinking about what makes us special and unique! We then wrote our own songs about Ronald the Rhino and performed them with a backing beat to the rest of the class.


In science and geography, we are learning about the weather, how it changes and how it affects us. We have learned about how animals survive through winter, including animals that hibernate, adapt and migrate. 


In English, we have been focussing on including the four sentence types in our writing:

commands - Put your coat on.

statements - Today the weather is windy and warm.

questions - How are you today?

exclamations - What a beautiful day it is!

We are also continuing to perfect out joined up handwriting and some of our boys and girls have been awarded with their very own pen and pen licence. We have had a very exciting week!


In art, we will be looking at perspective and using appropriate colours to show daytime and night time.  


Please come back and visit our Class Page for updated photos of the work we have done.


Keep popping back, as Miss Cook will update our class page as we learn about new things.