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Class 5- Miss T Parr

Our lovely Class 5 2020/2021

2020/2021 Welcome to Class 5
Our doors open at 8:40am and there to greet you is your class teacher, Miss Parr. Behind every teacher is an LSA; Class 5 are lucky enough to have not one, but two exceptional LSAs: Miss Wakenshaw and Miss Elliott. Every Wednesday am, during Miss Parr’s PPA, the lovely Mrs Welburn will teach you mathematics, V.I.P.E.R.S reading and spellings.


During this uncertain year, we will continue to remain in our class bubble. We will break in the am at 10:20-10:40. Here, you can explore all things play on the AstroTurf as well as socialise with your best pals! Every child is important in our class, and no one will be left out or made to feel unwelcome. Kindness will be praised and rewarded.
We will continue with the staggered lunchtimes, ours being 11:50-12:40. Again, you have the opportunity to go outside, before having food in the hall. Healthy eating options are always encouraged and we have a no fizzy/sugary drink or sweets policy- this is for your own health.
Home time in Class 5 begins at 15:10, with the latest pick-up at 15:20.


Although a mixed year 3/4 class, Class 5 has largely year 4 pupils, therefore, core subjects such as: Mathematics, Writing, Reading and Science will be pitched at a year 4 standard. Every child will be supported through their learning in order to enable independent application of their acquired skills and no child will be ‘left behind’ as we will cater to individual need through targeted interventions and support. During lockdown and/or isolating, home learning will be available via Dojo. Here, tasks will be accompanied by a mixture of pre-recorded and live teaching methods. It is an expectation that each pupil will register every morning, via Dojo, by 9am. The office will be notified if a child does not do this. All work should be returned via images to either the child’s portfolio or private message. Pieces of writing submitted will be marked and staff will feedback areas for improvement. Each day, the children who have returned work will receive Dojos for their efforts.


Each week, Class 5 will join Classes 4 and 6 (Lower Key Stage 2) for a Special Mentions assembly. Each class will nominate home learners and children in school who have gone above and beyond to produce high-quality excellent learning. A link will be shared each week via Dojo. Every child will have a fair chance of receiving a Special Mention.


Throughout the year, we will have a range of topics to study. These include:

Autumn 1- Extreme Weather
Autumn 2- Ready, Steady, Cook
Spring 1- Ancient Egypt (focus on Geography)
Spring 2- Ancient Egypt (focus on History)
Summer 1- The Railway Revolution
Summer 2- Europe


In Class 5, there is a huge focus on reading. Each child will get the opportunity to change their reading book on a weekly basis and the book banding will be based on the colour banding system in school. The end of year 3 reading target is Ruby and we aim for every child in year 4 to be moving closer towards becoming a Free-Reader. We participate in whole class guided reading sessions, focussing on our 10 recommended reads.


The novels for this year include:
Autumn 1- The BFG
Spring 1- The Boy at the Back of the Class
Summer 1- How to Train your Dragon


Children will be encouraged and praised for daily reading at home.


So far it has been an excellent year in Class 5 and I cannot wait to see what these incredible young people have to bring to the class!

Thank you learners for your dedication, passion and tenacity!

Miss Parr.

With regards to reading from home, please continue to read your banded reading book- make sure that you can recall key events/facts from this text. Once you have read this, please continue to read books from home as well as accessing materials from the free websites below:

Oxford Reading Owl:


I will continue to deliver V.I.P.E.R.S learning each week, based on our class novel. It is so vital that you continue reading for pleasure therefore the websites above will aid this and the texts are free!

Don't forget to also read the recommended reads, displayed below. 

Class 5 Recommended Reads

EXCITING NEWS ALERT! Summer Lane have been invited to take part in the 'Summer STEM Academy'! Going live on the 15th June, you can access up to 26 STEM workshops from home. If you complete at least 5, you will receive a STEM Academy certificate! Get a grown up to sign you up here in order to access this brilliant opportunity: Don't forget to share with us how you are getting on!

Here are your recommended reads Class 5: get stuck in! I would LOVE to receive video clips of you reading extracts, remembering the taught V.I.P.E.R.S skills as well as intonation, pace, expression, fluency and characterisation...

Additional P.E activity ideas foe Home Learning!

***NEW Reading materials


Bored of reading the same books on your shelf and dying to dip your toes into an exciting new adventure? Why not explore the websites below for some new literature! - Free access with provided username and password to Big Cat ebooks and worksheets up to Silver reading level.  - You will need to register to access the free ebooks (includes phonics books). - This is the website that was introduced at the beginning of the week.


New exciting reading website with hundreds of fantastic books and newspapers!

Parent pupil Handbook for the amazing reading website:

Class 5 parent/carers, 

Summer Lane Primary has recently launched an online support service for families. If you have any queries about your child's learning and developmental needs, please email using the contact below and a member of the team will get back to you at their earliest convenience:


Stay positive and remember we are always here to support you: you are doing an unbelievable job!

Class 5!

Class 5 School Timetable