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Class 5- Miss T Parr

Welcome to Class 5! What a superb start to the year it has been already! My name is Miss Parr and I am thrilled to be Class 5’s teacher. This year, I have the pleasure of working alongside Mrs Merrett and Mrs Butler (LSAs) as well as Mrs Welburn who will teach the class every Wednesday am during my PPA.


During transition, the children decided to be known as the Phenomenal Phoenix and, throughout the year, pride in our learning, behaviour and entire self is our focus. Through mindful learning, collaboration and tenacity, we aim to grow in independence, maturity and intelligence!

Important information:

P.E Days - Tuesday
and Thursday afternoon- please ensure your child has both their indoor and outdoor kit on both days, as weather and activity permitting, our timetable could change.

  • Indoor P.E kit should include- black shorts and a plain white t-shirt.
  • Outdoor P.E kit should include - black tracksuit bottoms / leggings with a white t-shirt, trainers and a fleece / hoodie when the weather is cold.

Please ensure your child’s name is in their clothing to avoid a mountain of lost property! Also, please remove all earrings and tie long hair back for health and safety purposes.


Homework- will be collected in every Friday morning (at the latest) with new homework sent home the same evening. Homework will include: spellings taken from the year 3/4 curriculum, a reading comprehension task and mathematics. If at any point there are any concerns regarding homework, please don’t hesitate in seeing either myself or any of the staff in Class 5.


Across school, we are developing reading. It is imperative that the children read on a regular basis at home. Within your child’s reading journal is space for a signature and brief comment, should you wish. Each class has their own incentives and reward chart. Every read at home (verified by a parent signature) will be counted and recorded in class.



'The Romans' is our very exciting topic this term.


History: The Romans

- To develop an awareness of the three ruling systems that were used during Roman times: Kings, Republic and  Empire.

- To discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each ruling system.

- To locate Rome on a map and investigate the expansion of the Roman Empire.

- To study what life in Britain was like at this time (Iron Age) and study the Celts, including

Celtic roundhouses, Celtic settlements and jobs that people had within a Celtic settlement.


Art: Roman Mosaics

- To investigate, design, research and produce a Roman mosaic.

- To study the photographer, Levon Biss (linked to Science).


R.E: Belonging

- To understand what a 'Rite of Passage' is and name some religious (baptism, marriage, death) and non-religious (graduation, learning to walk, becoming an adult) rites of passage.

- To study Christian Baptism and learn the 5 objects used in a Baptism Ceremony and what they symbolise  (church, holy water, candle, chrism oil, white clothes).

- To compare Christian Baptism to another religion's ceremony of belonging; Sikh Amrit Ceremony and Sikh Naam Karan Ceremony.


Computing: Online communication and eSafety

- To investigate how word order affects search results and begin to understand how a search engine works.

- To discuss how we communicate online and carry out an investigation to show what methods of online communication are used by Class 4.

- To learn the SMART Rules for keeping safe online.

- To be introduced to what a digital footprint is and discuss how we can be responsible when online.


Science: Living Things

- To learn the seven life processes, using the acronym 'MRS NERG' (movement, reproduction, sensitivity, nutrition, excretion, respiration, growth)

- To investigate local habitats and the living things that can be found there.

- To learn about 'classification', what it means and how we can classify living things, using Venn diagrams, Carrol diagrams and Branching Keys.

- To know the terms 'vertebrate' (has a spine) and 'invertebrate' (does not have a spine).

- To understand the importance of observing closely when classifying and study the photographer 'Levon Biss'.


PSHCE: Getting on and Falling out

- To understand that our brain controls different things and that we use two parts of our brain for thinking.

- To learn some strategies for managing our behaviour and taking self-control (smiling, saying sorry, asking for help, talking about our feelings, being helpful).


French: Vowel sounds

- To learn French pronunciation of vowel sounds.

- To learn greetings (bonjour, au revoir, salut).

- To introduce myself (je m'appelle...).

- To ask someone how they are and reply.





Parent/carers, it has been a pleasure getting to know your children and your families this half term. I look forward to parents’ evening where we will be able to discuss your child’s development and progress in detail. In the meantime, if you would like further information, please do not hesitate in seeing me during hand-over.