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Class 8- Mr Swallow

We are Years 5 & 6 and our Teacher is Mr Swallow (and Miss Loftus), apart from on a Tuesday when Mrs Sears teaches the class. The LSA in our class is Mrs Bradley.

Here you will be able to find out what work we have been doing recently and look at some of our trips.

Look out for Class News here too!
PE days are Wednesday and Friday for the whole class. Y5 have swimming on Thursday.

Spelling tests are on a Wednesday afternoon.

Y6 boys and girls - don't forget to check out the links on Class 9's page for some SATS practice websites.

Kingswood Presentation

Uploaded by Summer Lane on 2014-02-03.

Over the next few weeks we will be writing a non-chronological report on sharks around the world.

Here is a website which is a great starting point to help your childs writing.

Once they have picked the shark they will write a report on they can do further research. Try and encourage your child to use technical vocabulary to support their writing.

At the end of the unit I will take pictures of childrens work, so stay tuned......

One of my favourite sharks is the mysterious and strange looking Hammerhead shark. Below is a great video showing lots of useful information you could include in your report.

Jonathan Bird's Blue World: Hammerhead Sharks

Of all the animals in the oceans, the hammerhead shark may be one of the strangest looking. The exact purpose of the wide, flat head is a mystery, but several theories abound. We travel to the shark-infested waters of the Galapagos in Ecuador to learn about the unusual habits of these sinister-looking sharks.