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Nursery F1

Welcome to Nursery F1

Edited 26/12/2016

Mr Morgan, Mrs Scholes, Miss Aspinall and Miss Long would like to welcome you to our nursery class page.

We use the website to provide valuable information. 

During the summer term we welcome new families in both morning and afternoon nursery. We can be excited by making new friends. We can experience the joy of the outdoors in the summer months. You can help us this term by helping your child contribute by joining in their conversation. They may wish to get excited by planting in the garden. They may wish to enjoy water play. They may wish to tell you the print they see on street signs, shopping bags, road signs and door numbers.


Extended Nursery Hours

During the last half term the nursery staff and the governors of the school took on a pilot project to offer upto 6 children extended hours. The extended hours were offered to provide the flexibility needed by some of our parents and was possible due to spaces vacant in both sessions. To fund the places parents paid £16 per addition session. 

Two families took advantage of the extended hours. The extra funding supported the loss to the school of the vacant spaces. It also provided funding for resources used in nursery such as paper, college materials etc. It funded flyers to help the nursery reach out to the local community.

Thanks go to the nursery staff as the pilot would not be possible without there dedicated support and the smooth organisation which included lunchtime.

The pilot ended at Christmas but after agreement amongst the governing body, the headteacher and nursery we will resume for a further term.

We continue in the summer term with the extended hours. This is helping the school make a smooth adjustment for September 2017 when 30 hours childcare for working families becomes reality. If you are a household where all adults work more than 16 hours each and your child is in nursery please talk to the nursery staff about September 2017?